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Meet Sudeep KP, India's premier newspaper sculptor and an innovator in recycled arts. At Artwist, he transforms everyday materials into extraordinary pieces of art. Our stunning newspaper sculptures embody creativity and sustainability, showcasing the beauty of eco-friendly craftsmanship. Discover unique, handcrafted masterpieces that bring imagination to life.

Eco-Friendly Newspaper Bags from Artwist

Order eco-friendly newspaper bags from Artwist, crafted from recycled newspapers. Our commitment to recycling helps reduce waste and support the environment. Stylish and sustainable, each bag is a unique piece of art. Join us in making a positive impact on the planet.


Eco-Friendly Newspaper Marine Crafts

Immerse yourself in sustainability with our handcrafted marine creatures made from recycled newspapers. Choose between the natural newspaper finish or vibrant colors to suit your style. Ideal for events, schools, and projects, these creations come with Artwist's promise of lasting quality.

Bulk orders are welcome.

Sustainable Crafts for Educational Projects

Enhance your school projects, college presentations, or awareness programs with our range of handcrafted items made from sustainable coconut fibers. From bird's nests to other eco-friendly creations, these crafts not only beautify but also educate about the importance of using natural materials. Perfect for hands-on learning and promoting environmental awareness.

Contact us for custom projects.

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